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G20 - what we can aspect?!

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nicolaus Dinter Hamburg, 12.07.2017, 22:47 Uhr
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G20 - a chance to Hamburg
G20 - a chance to Hamburg  Bild: Nicolaus Dinter

Hamburg [ENA] I try to explain that G20 is a meeting to get in dialog to change problems in the world, but the rest is up to us. It shows how a world can work together. But nothing is perfect it is only a start up to change our opinion. We are the world and create it like we aspected.

So I start the journey up there as I started. I gone in a lot of discussions and people only said the G20 destroyed social structures and the income. The discussion is always like painting a wall outside during rain. So no one wants to listened the results or tell me the government does nothing to control. People reflect that they like cement. No one wants to know or listen that the environmental protection will only works as a global playing system or they told me only I do some think for the environmental. They defeat the USA, Japan, China and the rest of Europe. But the reality are not interested, if You look to some special local problems (later more).

So I was reading for a long time the G20 information and I am record at the US-government and look to the information I got from friends outside on the world. So I decided to went to the G20 – meeting and find out what is going up. So I started with the first May demonstration, but the most organization cancels the demonstration so that only the “Antifa- Demonstration” was going on until end. But I got some interesting information. And I talk to a lot of people outside. They did not recognize that the weather is changing in the last. They told me it was all the time like that only some people remind that they have school free in summer and snow at the winter mountain.

This is all we get....- the queen of europe

At they are in believing that Germany is the first in environmental – protection. I spook to some photographer in Hamburg and they also recognize the ozone hole over Hamburg which makes it difficult to photograph. So a lot of signs of changing are not seen. And the interests in content of foodstuffs are not in the opinion. They did not look twice, they believe not in good but in that what comes out of Berlin. They make the G20 guilty for the bad material in the world, not only for believing also for plastic in the ocean and salary. I stopped discussions with this people because a head full of cement you can’t change. And cadaver obedience to the Queen of Europe Merkle is unbelievable.

majorhall hamburg
We can get a perfect look
peace over all
the great decoration
it started downside
grown up

Okay, I try….. perhaps I can get another chance to meet politician or official statements from foreign countries. The meeting starts for the journalist at the 6.07.2017 so I got into the IMC to catch information or help by others. It was very good organize and we found some apps how should help us to get more information. The main mistake with these apps is only that they work on the newest version of mobile telephones. I got only an older version of a military mobile phone, so I have to ask always the information desk personality. But this was a chance to get in personality contact to people. During the meet I find out how it works with the contingent cards for press meeting.

coffee time.....

There given 10 carts for agencies and if this cards a not given back there where no possibility to get a place to took photos. This is the time to say THANKS to all service members and police officers they do a great job. They were always kindly, friendly, accommodating. The decoration was wonderful and gives a great background and an inspiration of the idea of the G20. It was a great design. The most people were of five weeks working in 12 hours a day to make this meeting to a great happening. Let me go back to the dialog, in the IMC there where the possibility to get in a dialog with other countries. Environmental protection is not the question of one people it is the honor to the nature by nation.

the president of the OECD
general secretarie of amnesty international London
just run for toillett

The most Journalists a very critical with the government’s and always I ask for the question of 2020 they told me shortly yes they get, but then comes a long list of difficulties they have with dangerous waste accumulated over the years. So Italy got in the south 90% recycling, but in the metropole they have now no denouement of a lot of problems. Japanese which have every day two conferences witch was open to everyone, told the got 2020 perfectly. Wait, how many countries got 2020; Japanese, USA, china, Italy, Netherlands, Scandinavian countries, commonwealth, France, South America I got not available notice, but they have examples like Venezuela and other countries, which got 80% wind power. Russians are clothed as they are before.

PLA - productes

China can switch off in one hour Oil out of productions, they have got all too environmental protection, but the request is high as it was. Donald Trump was the first to give Africa one billion Dollar to reduce the following of climatic changing. In Africa is also the Terror high as it was so like the Arabian, but the resolution says that all States have to stop to sell weapons and dealing in money. To stop the Terrorism is in this moment the highest resolution, because terror can destroy the changing in Co2 production. As an example how it is usefully to buy electronic car if terrorist burn it down. Environmental protection is not the question of one people it is the honor to the nature by nation.

hamburg people clean up after the attact

Climatic protection is environmental protection, because also social equity. It is also to have a look to protect the life of people and their income. In working conditions, so as to take care of social structures and cultures. We have not to forget, that the G20 is an international moment to talk about the development in the single nation and find a lot of guiding principles. The leaders of the nation are 20 hours together to find a way to the next generation. So we are also start up in a future, but we will only grow up like seed. And we want to become a tree.

I think it is up to us to fill in the paper with a story that comes true. But it is hurt to break down the guiding principles to people at the street. We are living in a world which is changing and we have to protect to the next generation this means that a lot of old legislation will change and the human rights will give more place to the world. Thanks Hamburg for thies work. Special for the people which are working for the peacefull time and the police.

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