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escapes part 2

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nicolaus Dinter Hamburg, 01.01.2016, 11:58 Uhr
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homeless and refugees
homeless and refugees  Bild: Nicolaus Dinter

Hamburg [ENA] Homeless people this winter and the refugees have the same destiny. We are the social surrounding to take care of the humanity. The way is out of control and no one recorgnise the situation. This article is only an inspiration and clairification so as a hope that people understand.

So I go on, talk and walk at the streets of Hamburg. But what I will find, what told me the politician? So every think is not okay, nothing is okay. Only private projects are still help homeless. I try to find out which kind of dreams they have. I talk to them, upsides from the daily problems. But the dreams are not fare away from the daily problems. Okay they know it is not easy to stay in an apartment, some decides to stay at the street, because there are no problems with politicians or economy, nothing else as only to survive is important nothing else than the next five minutes are important. But some of them have a clear dream of the possible future dream.

To find a home, equal how bad, but a place where you are alone, where you can find a shelter. Deep in there hurt they hope for one day that gives peace and love. They never give up staying, where they live. But they are realists, they knew the government will not help them and the people have the power but not the money to help more as they do. In that case not to give up is like to dream from heaven on earth. Perhaps there is a place where you will find the place or the moment. But to stay years in war of survival and to have also dreams and hopes of haven is to protect deep in your hurt a love to heal the world of madness. No one who was not by himself to stay on the streets can knew what kind of imagine it will get in a day.

I did not know if we can change that people life on the streets, but we can look if it got easier to be in life. We can help to give hope. One day I stay out as homeless and after a year I find back in a room how I called mine. But I need also 3 years to find an apartment. And I also need 3 years of Therapy to find in back in a normal way of Life. So I need 7 years (including one year voluntary to work) to find back in a kind of Life.

This part was, so I hope not lost, but I will look if people will listen to that experience that I got. Before I get homeless I was rich to stay by myself, but now I start again with nothing else as my clothes on. How that can reflect and told to people again and show them there is a way to come back is not my part it is in the mind of the social surrounding how able it is to reflect that. Is the social surrounding able to listen to people?

Every x-mas in Hamburg a citizen radio station will celebrate a day to give hope for homeless. Alsteradio 106.8 gives more than 500 people a dinner and presents to x-mas. It is a day to say, don’t give up we can go one in a world of dialogue. This is a start to go on, but we need also the help of politicians but the government which is governing us is made out of our opinion. I stay this evening in the hall and took photos. I enjoy that evening, with music and a lot of celebrities. It is a signal that can be firelight to a new way of the participant. It could be a start for a dialog for changing minds and skills. We have to go out of the way we gone thousands of years before. Never give up the way of delivering.

So here in Hamburg life more than 3.500 homeless people. This autumn and winter there are only less than 300 official places to sleep in the city. The most of help comes from private investigation, but there are no correct numbers of places and it is luck if you get one place. The places allocate every day new. The most of them sleep on the streets, because they have no change to stay a night at a warm fire.

If your account the number of refugees to the homeless, because they have also no home you should account more than 250.000 people to the 3.500 people. It means that in Hamburg more than 15% are homeless and the next year will come harder than it is today. All the numbers are not valued because the official offices not care about that. At last but not at least article I will give some more numbers to remark. If 300.000 people homeless and need 7 years to come back in a “normal” life how much it will cost the rest of surrounding?

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