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Fascism und Germany

Verantwortlicher Autor: Lord Nicolaus Dinter Mitte - Hamburg Veddel, 19.06.2022, 07:02 Uhr
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Olaf Scholz in Kiel
Olaf Scholz in Kiel  Bild: Lord Nicolaus Dinter

Mitte - Hamburg Veddel [ENA] If left wing fascism or right wing fascism, or if you are, think your right. But the truth is to learn the constitution day by day new. To take time to understand, to realise that rights are not coming by only by words, so let us take a look into the future.

I am an artist and do Portraits of humans for a long time in my life. Especially on demonstration and different kinds of humans. I like to catch in on moment all the emotions and feelings. Of course, I work in different kinds of fields and I have predicate of my personality, I want to know and learn people as they are, without my culture, the prejudice human gives me. I love to find my meaning. To find the truth or nature of things. It is a long journey you start, it is most surprising of your self.

Today I feel like being in a world where people buy people to make them slaves. I learn that the 13th amendment to the United States of America constitution declares that no one has to be the slave of somebody. But isn’t it that what buying people mean? Today we are possible to buy people by drugs, medicament, or through media. Money makes people into slaves, slaves of televisions, print media, or video. People did not longer believe, that people could find the human rights of Paris, 10.12.1948, or the constitution in they heard, in their meaning. In god we trust is the slogan of each Dollar and a lot of other bills. So why we don’t?

Today we hunt money, today, after 25 years of wrong education, we hunt people. We did not believe in them. We did not trust each other. We believe in symbols of hate, we give hate…. “The hate you give little infants fucking everybody.” That is my ground of being, at least partly. One day I was decided no longer to research, I want to get into a discussion with other people to find more. And it was a long time ago that I took Portraits of humans. It was a Saturday afternoon I started my journey. At first, I talk to the leader of the demonstration and make sure, that I am neutral. If I take Portraits, I like to speak to the humans I portraiting.

Love wins

I always get in contact and find a way to get the optimum. And now I talk to the people which called “corona deniers”. Okay, some ideas a crazy, but some are founded on science. So as they all stay for the constitution. For the Nurnberger Codex 1947. They struggle for the human rights of Paris, 10.12.1948. They struggle for their child, for a better future for all of us. To struggle is one side of life it is the other side, is to live human rights. So I see a lot of disturbing from the outside. People which come along and abuse the demonstrate. But what happened? What happened if someone cries to you “murder” or something bad. What happened if someone will touch your child? What happened if someone reacts to an enemy ship?

antifa regards

But there was the surprise, nothing you can aspected have happened. The demonstration was going on with out a hard reaction. Mostly the demonstration which lives the constitution cries back: “Nazi go home!” The demonstration is full of humans which are so different than the world it is. But all of them love the constitution. –They live the constitution. No one cries to some other or there was a painful outcome, every discussion open a new horizon a new way of life and it started to become an interesting place to stay. At that moment Life becomes conscious. Every demonstration has grown up to the next level of existence. But Politicians have other interest and pay a lot to discredit that humans.

human rights from paris
a human
a nother human
looking for peace
The leader of belgium unions
today a refugee
a friend of mine

But humans still go on and live every breath of life to practice the constitution. They still go on, so long as their children could live in peace in the harmony of god and nature. All this I found on the demonstration against the law of corona to oppress the rights of humans. And every moment with that people is a surprise of life. Just go on and install the constitution in every heard. In God we trust, in God we should only believe.

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